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Briefly around the World

Seoul, South Korea
South Korea says North fired projectile

South Korea's military says that rival North Korea has fired a projectile into the waters off the North's east coast.

It was not immediately clear what was fired, but Pyongyang has staged a series of missile test-launches of various range in recent months. Leader Kim Jong Un is pushing for a nuclear and missile program that can deter what he calls U.S. and South Korean hostility toward the North.

The launch comes days after Seoul and Washington started massive joint military drills.

Israel takes step toward marijuana reforms

The Israeli government has taken a step toward decriminalizing marijuana use.

Israeli media say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Cabinet has approved a measure that would reduce penalties for possession of marijuana. If caught, smokers would pay a fine, instead of facing criminal charges.

Netanyahu said ahead of Sunday's meeting that a "new enforcement policy" should be drawn up "cautiously and in a controlled manner."

New Delhi
Air India: All-female crew flies around the world

Air India said it has set a world record by flying around the world with an all-female crew.

Press Trust of India reported Sunday that the flight flew over the Pacific Ocean from New Delhi to San Francisco last Monday, and then flew back to New Delhi over the Atlantic on Friday.

Apart from the all-female cockpit and cabin crew, the other staff involved in the flight -- including the check-in and other ground staff and the air traffic controllers -- were all women.

-- The Associated Press