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Company explores alternate locations

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By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

In response to public outcry against the gasoline distribution center proposed near Sanger, Denton Terminal LLC officials are considering alternate locations for their site.

While Stephen Senter of Denton Terminal has said work will continue on the proposed site at 8969 N. FM2164 east of Sanger, he has received suggestions from residents and the county judge and will look into them.

"We're moving forward and doing our thing; there a lot of steps and moving parts," Senter said. "We are taking a serious look at other options not in that immediate area. It would probably cost more."

The center would be a refilling stop for trucks delivering gasoline to stations in the region. Senter said any move from the proposed location would need to be reasonable in regard to costs and daily operations of the site.

"I think some locations may be priced reasonably enough," he said. "I think our TCEQ [Texas Commission on Environmental Quality] work will translate, and our engineering work will translate. We won't lose a lot, except maybe time. [But] there are no guarantees."

Senter also mentioned concern about the property values of some of the other suggested locations.

Sanger resident Sam Alexander, one of the architects of the opposition movement, said he has heard that residents are chipping in on the search to find an alternate location for the distribution center, with some offering to buy the FM2164 property from Denton Terminal.

"There's still a lot of things he [Senter] needs to do to get it done and a lot of things going on in the background to keep it from being done," Alexander said. "We'll just have to see if he wants to keep fighting. If he does, more power to him, because we're still fighting."

Sanger city officials, who had previously remained neutral on the distribution site, have now tasked the city manager with drafting a letter to the Texas Department of Transportation, TCEQ, Denton Terminal and other agencies expressing concerns.

City Manager Mike Brice said there are three major concerns: fire protection and the ability to respond and take care of emergencies at the distribution center; truck traffic coming through Sanger; and the safety of Sanger residents who use FM2164 to get to and from Denton.

"There are obviously numerous other concerns that other groups and individuals have, but those are the three that impact Sanger citizens," he said.

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