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Argyle honors group of North Texas motorcyclists

Profile image for By Karina Ramírez / Staff Writer
By Karina Ramírez / Staff Writer

“Saddle up, hop on, and let’s hit the road!”

That is the motto of the Denton Motorcycle Riders, a group of North Texas motorcyclists who gather regularly to take 20- to 300-mile journeys down some of Texas’ scenic roads.

“It is a bunch of guys who like to ride together,” said Michael Todd Massey, president of the group.

Nearly 30 members gather and take casual trips. Some of them ride every day, while others wait for the weekend or participate in local events to provide encouragement to fellow riders or help with fundraisers.

The town of Argyle recognized the group this week with a Safe Riders Award and proclaimed May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.

“We asked the Denton Motorcycle Riders group to accept this on behalf of the TCOCI [Texas Confederation of Clubs & Independents],” said Argyle Police Chief William Tackett.

The statewide confederation launched a motorcycle safety and awareness program, “Ride Safe in Texas.”

“We chose DMR because numerous members that ride with the group are citizens or business owners in our community, and we felt that they appropriately both represented the sport of riding and our community,” Tackett said.

Group members were pleased to learn of the city’s recognition.

“It recognizes the positive actions of the club of likeminded motorcycle riders who do demonstrate safe and courteous riding techniques,” said Ken Royal, one of the group members.

Robert Kennedy, owner of Rising Phoenix Motorsports in Argyle, where some members get accessories and motorcycle parts, said the recognition was a great honor.

“Our group is like a family,” he said. “It is nice for the community to recognize us.”

Royal said the group includes teens all the way up to riders in their 60s who do a bit more than just ride — they also raise money for charities and help fellow members during difficult times.

They raise funds through Cruise for Kids to help unfortunate children and also did the Texas Toy Run to help deliver toys to those in need at Christmas.

Pilot Point resident Neil Cavazza, who has been riding with the group for six months, said he found the local club on the Internet one day. He’s been riding with them ever since.

Cavazza said both men and women are part of the group, including his wife, Chris, who rode with the group for the first time Tuesday night.

The group has reached about 170 members online via its Facebook group page. But at its core, Cavazza said, there are about 25 members who consistently ride together.

Massey said Denton Motorcycle Riders does not have set meeting dates or member dues.

“The group is open to anyone who wants to ride,” he said.

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