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David Minton

Crownover holds fast

Profile image for By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer
By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

State Rep. Myra Crownover managed to overcome the challenge to her District 64 seat from Mike Brucia.

Crownover easily defeated Brucia, winning with 69.4 percent of the vote.

Crownover will move on to the November general election to face her next opponent, Democratic candidate Mary Brown.

“There are big challenges ahead of us. I love having the opportunity to go back and represent Denton County,” Crownover said. “It’s going to be a time of opportunity and challenge at the state level, and I feel blessed to have the strong support that I have here and good, solid, respectful working relationships with the people of District 64.”

During her campaign, Crownover pushed the need for education and her work to make the hard budgetary decisions for the good of Texas as reasons why voters needed to send her back to Austin.

Brucia, who said it was time for something different and for change to be made to the legislative players to make things in the state better, knew he was done once early voting results were in.

“If I got every vote [Tuesday], I don’t think I could win the race, considering the huge early voting turn out in favor of the incumbent,” he said. “Apparently the district was not ready for this change.”

Brucia said he did not plan on dwelling on his loss.

“After nine months of hard work and devoting myself every minute of every day to it, I made a deal with myself I would try and catch up on my life,” he said.

Brucia credited his campaign workers who, like him, put their lives on hold to work toward getting him elected.

“It was up to the voters to decide,” he said. “We offered them a choice, and they didn’t take it. That’s the reality.”

With Brown, Crownover faces a Democrat who had no challenger in the primary.

“I don’t see a big change as far as the campaign in the fall. I think we run a very people-oriented campaign and address issues that are important to Denton County, and I am proud of that,” Crownover said. “Campaigns are really hard work but serve a real purpose. It’s a chance to learn more about your community and engage your community and to know the people of your community even better.”

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