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GOP voters pick Shipman for 16th District Court

Profile image for By Britney Tabor / Staff Writer
By Britney Tabor / Staff Writer

No Democrats file in race to replace Rivera-Worley

Republican voters elected Sherry Shipman over Derbha Jones in the 16th District Court race Tuesday.

No Democrats filed for the seat, so Shipman will likely succeed Judge Carmen Rivera-Worley, who is retiring. The new judge is expected to take office in January. The 16th District Court tries general jurisdiction cases, including family, civil and criminal cases.

“I didn’t get here by myself,” Shipman said, thanking her supporters. “We’re all just kind of excited to know what we know at this point.”

Shipman, 51, has practiced law for 13 years and has led her law firm the last five years. She said she was given a license to practice law before taking the bar exam and throughout her career has tried civil litigation, family law and criminal cases. Shipman touted her experience in trying nearly 70 jury trials in all the areas of law in which the 16th District Court hears cases.

Shipman has said a 16th District judge must have substantial trial experience and “fairly apply the law, listen to the cases that are presented and not try to affect an outcome based on their own personal preferences or their own personal beliefs, but they should follow the law.”

Shipman thanked those who worked with and prayed for her throughout the campaign.

“My faith in God is one of the things to give the most credit to, in addition to all the people that helped,” she said.

Jones, 49, has owned a private law practice since 2002 and has worked as an attorney for 10 years, with experience in jury and non-jury cases. Jones was an X-ray technician prior to studying to become an attorney. She touted expertise in family law and representing clients within Denton County in more than 400 cases.

She offered her congratulations to Shipman in a phone call Tuesday with the Denton Record-Chronicle but said she had no further comment.

Shipman said she found Jones “a worthy adversary” whom she wishes well.

“She worked really hard and she should be proud that she worked that hard and put her best foot forward,” Shipman said of Jones.

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