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Specific-purpose committee raises runoff ante

Profile image for By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe / Staff Writer
By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe / Staff Writer

Group gathers funds to aid Denton incumbents

A specific-purpose committee has upped the ante for the challengers in Denton’s June 23 runoff.

“We Like Denton” filed campaign finance statements showing that, through June 13, the group had raised $1,780 to support Mayor Mark Burroughs and City Council member Pete Kamp. Neither incumbent was able to secure more than 50 percent of the votes on May 12 and win re-election outright.

Instead, Burroughs is in a runoff with Denton lawyer and former City Council member Neil Durrance. Kamp is on the ballot with Denton veterinarian David Zoltner.

In addition to the committee’s spending, all the candidates have stepped up their fundraising in the final days of this pair of hotly contested races, spending among them nearly $22,000.

According to a seven-page report filed by treasurer Douglas Chadwick, We Like Denton took in $1,780 in contributions, most in $100 increments. As of June 13, the committee spent $1,059 on advertising in the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Chadwick said the effort began after local optometrist Steve Coburn and Tim Williamson, an employee at Peterbilt Motors Co., and he had visited over coffee on Memorial Day weekend.

They decided they would get involved in the runoff by asking friends to contribute to put an ad in the paper.

“We really thought it was that simple,” Chadwick said.

They soon learned about special-purpose committees and the need to make reports in accordance with the Texas Ethics Commission, he said.

The group will file a second, final report in July that will show the rest of the contributions and the purchase of a second advertisement, since they secured about $2,000 in contributions and pledges.

“Everyone who contributed is listed [in the advertisement],” Chadwick said.

A few donors called Burroughs to make sure that the plan wasn’t at cross-purposes with his campaign, Burroughs said.

Other than that, Burroughs had no input on the advertisements that were placed on his and Kamp’s behalf.

“They were excited to be involved in the campaign in a positive, constructive manner,” Burroughs said. “That’s all a candidate can ask for.”

Kamp recognized a number of the names from her church, First United Methodist of Denton, but said the effort wasn’t church-driven.

“Frankly, I was floored and humbled by what they’ve done,” Kamp said.

Durrance said everyone has a right to express their opinion in ways allowed by the Constitution, but, given the issues in the race, he hoped voters would study the list of donors carefully.

“I hope voters are paying attention to those who are [living] in or outside the city,” Durrance said.

More than the spending, Zoltner questioned the group’s name, saying it implied that he, Durrance and their supporters didn’t love Denton.

“It surprises me that people feel threatened — just the whole notion that we don’t need negativity,” Zoltner said, likening the challengers’ efforts in the campaign to gardening. “Some people plant seeds and just see new plants. I’m a weed-puller. That’s my job — or the garden will never flourish.”

Early voting in the runoff election ends today.

Other runoff races are scheduled to take place in Argyle and Little Elm.

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•  “We Like Denton” (special-purpose committee supporting Mark Burroughs and Pete Kamp)

•  Total donations: $1,780

•  Major donor(s): Tim Williamson, $200

•  Donations maintained: $721

•  Total expenditures: $1,059

•  Major expenditures: newspaper advertisement, $1,059

•  Loans: none


Mark Burroughs (I)

•  Total donations: $12,633.81           

•  Major donor(s): Edward Wolski, $2,000

•  Donations maintained: $7,925.25

•  Total expenditures: $13,005.06

•  Major expenditures: The Crouch Group, $7,482.23

•  Loans: $34,100

Neil Durrance

•  Total donations: $1,892.01

•  Major donor(s): Roger Winsett, $313.58 (in-kind, automated dialing service)

•  Donations maintained: none

•  Total expenditures: $1,733.54

•  Major expenditures: Eagle & Wheeler, advertising, printing and mailing, $863.34

•  Loans: none

Place 5

Pete Kamp (I)

•  Total donations: $4,195

•  Major donor(s): Sweetwater, $600 (in-kind event expense)

•  Donations maintained: 2,535.11

•  Total expenditures: $5,611.12

•  Major expenditures: Eagle & Wheeler, advertising, $2,211.65

•  Loans: none

David Zoltner

•  Total donations: $1,500

•  Major donor(s): Byron and Rhonda Berry, $400; Donald R. White Jr., $400; Veronica and Brian Tackett, $400

•  Donations maintained: $431.63

•  Total expenditures: $1,250

•  Major expenditures: newspaper advertising, $1,250

•  Loans: $250



Place 3

Jackie Thomas

•  Total donations: none

•  Major donor(s): Jim Haltom, $1,600 pledge for advertising signs

•  Donations maintained: none

•  Total expenditures: none

•  Major expenditures: none

•  Loans: none

Joan Delashaw

•  Total donations: $270

•  Major donor(s): none

•  Donations maintained: $17.37

•  Total expenditures: $864.16

•  Major expenditures: RAM Associates, advertising, printing, $471.94

•  Loans: $900