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Ideas for keeping cool on these hot summer days

The following suggestions, though occasionally tongue in cheek, offer a few ideas for staying cool this week and beyond. Today’s high will be 103 with a 102-degree slated for tomorrow. And summer is just beginning.

The executive:
•  Iced coffee to go on the way to work
•  Have ice cream delivered to the break room for staff
•  Arrange board meetings in the walk-in cooler at a floral shop or grocery store.
• Take clients or new hires on a tour of the city in the car with the AC turned on high
(We'd mention water guns at break for employees but IT reads our Facebook and pages. They keep mentioning the electronics for some reason.)

• Kids never need a reason to go to the water park or pool. Sit in the shallow end, doused in SPF lotion, while they play. Douse the kids in SPF lotion too - repeatedly.
• Find and go to the nearest ice skating rink. We already know of two - The Galleria in Dallas and Stonebriar Mall in Frisco
• Water the yard on trash pick-up days and let the kids jump to and fro through the sprinklers at the same time.
• Convince your teens to take up hockey as a sport. Then go watch them practice.
• Remember, this is the land of the lakes. We have not one, but three, in Denton County.
• Let the kids wash the car at the do-it-yourself car wash. Stand outside of the car while they do it and tell them not to get you wet. Be sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting wet and bring towels to cover the seats on the ride back home.
• Take the youngsters to the kids’ area at the mall. You can window shop or just sit back and read a good book in air-conditioned bliss
• Hang out at the public library or any of its branches.

• Install misters on your back porch. You’ll be the hit of the neighborhood. 
(Um, did we mention the pool?)

• Movie theaters are cool. And, there are lots of good movies coming out this season
• Run, don't walk, to your nearest ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt shop. Frozen concoctions never taste better than on these hot summer afternoons
• Don't cook. Just treat everyone to a restaurant for meals. Order the always refillable iced tea or water
• Plan a trip to Six Flags and stand in line at the log ride...again and again and again.

• Take the family for a train ride on the new air-conditioned A-train and just keep riding it.

• Ever heard of a water balloon fight? Just Google it!
• Beg for homemade ice cream or those really easy-to-make freezer pops.
• Give the dog or cat a bath. You'll get one too at the same time. Then you won't have to have another one at bedtime.
• Google a map to Six Flags or the local water park. Offer to donate your allowance for a few weeks to help pay for the cost as it just might increase your chances for going.
• Ask to visit the penguins at the zoo and study them, like, for hours.
• Start an ice war with your siblings, but preferably NOT in the living room. (Being grounded in the summer is NOT fun.)

We welcome your suggestions. Just post them on our Facebook pages, post them online or e-mail them to Keep it family friendly. The best ideas will be published this week. And feel free to send videos or photos of your suggestions.