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‘Futurama’ to feature Brave Combo music

Profile image for By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer
By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

Denton fans of Comedy Central’s Futurama who tune into the show Wednesday will hear a familiar sound during the animated television show.

Brave Combo recently recorded three songs that will be heard during the program, fulfilling a personal request from series creator Matt Groening, a huge fan of the award-winning musical group.

“We have known him a really long time. We have actually been animated on the Simpsons before, so we’ve done music and been characters before,” said Carl Finch, founder and member of Brave Combo. “I guess there was something about the musical needs for the show, that Matt felt we were the go-to guys. So he contacted us and said you guys need to play this music.”

Finch said the band set up with Reeltime Audio locally and were able to watch the video of the episode and play the music to it to better sync the sound with the action.

Despite playing multiple gigs around the world and winning several awards, Finch said it’s still cool to be asked to provide music for the show.

“The one thing about Matt Groening, the hip factor on that stuff is still really high, this will definitely be a profile-raising event for Brave Combo, so we’re thankful for that,” he said.

Finch said Groening had discovered the band while in college in California years ago. He came across Brave Combo and has been a fan since, showing up at performances and having the band play parties and other events he organized over the years.

The band has most recently been playing with producer/actor/writer Drew Carey in Las Vegas.

“I would never have thought that would be something down Brave Combo’s alley,” Finch said. “It’s nice when people see beyond the novelty aspect of Brave Combo. It takes an astute writer to get us. It’s nice when people — when artists you respect [and] people — respond to what you do like that. So in Matt’s case, for him to call us, for him to feel like we’re the only band who can do the music for this show — it’s thrilling.”

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