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Doug Boydston wins Constable Precinct 5 race

Profile image for By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer
By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

Denton officer defeats Chegwidden in GOP runoff for Precinct 5

Doug Boydston will be Denton County’s new constable for Precinct 5.

Boydston edged out Dale Chegwidden with 53 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s Republican primary election runoff.

A little over 4,700 ballots were cast in the runoff.

Boydston said he felt an enormous weight lifted off his shoulders Tuesday night as the results came in.

“I have an amazing wife that I drug around with me through this whole thing; that was my rock right there. And the voters and the people who had the confidence in me to go out and vote for me as the next constable, they won’t be disappointed,” said Boydston, a Denton police officer.

Boydston extended congratulations to Chegwidden on his campaign.

“There was no mudslinging,” he said. “There were two good candidates running, and I was lucky enough to get more votes than him this time.”

Chegwidden, an investigator in the district attorney’s office, thanked everyone who voted for him in the runoff, calling his campaign a great experience he won’t forget. He said he was also grateful to his volunteers and the efforts put into the campaign, and his wife, who was there to help and support him.

“And congratulations to Doug,” Chegwidden said. “I wish him the best.”

Precinct 5 covers the largest area among the county’s six precincts, spanning the northern part of the county from the Wise County line to the Collin County line. It includes parts of Denton.

Boydston will replace former Constable Ken Jannereth, who was denied his peace officer’s license in April following a February 2010 criminal mischief conviction.

No Democrat filed to run for the office, so Boydston is scheduled to take office in January.

Overall, 30,808 people voted countywide in the runoff, or about 8 percent of the registered voters.

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