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County again votes changes to records management

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By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

Denton County commissioners voted Tuesday to change the records management department again.

Court members voted to rescind a previous order putting the department under the aide-to-the-court, Barbara Looper, and opted instead to move records management to technology services under Kevin Carr, the director of technology services, beginning Oct. 1 with the new fiscal year.

“I think it’s a healthy compromise,” Commissioner Hugh Coleman said. “The IT department is well equipped to linearly integrate with records management, given the fact the department uses a lot of computer technology in its recordkeeping.”

The department’s move was a necessary step to shoring up a compliance issue with the department from 1991 as well as taking steps to update the department, according to County Judge Mary Horn.

Back then, county commissioners approved a resolution that called for a committee to be formed to come up with a records retention plan for the county, as required by the state, but it did not happen.

Through the years, with Theresa Rogers as records preservation manager, the record retention plans were never carried out, leaving the office out of compliance with state requirements.

During the discussion on what to do with the department, the court had heard a proposal from County Clerk Cynthia Mitchell to place records management under her oversight. She cited a host of problems within the department on Rogers’ watch.

The court eventually voted to have Looper oversee the department, but decided to overturn that and give it to Carr during Tuesday’s meeting.

“We’re all pleased with the direction this is going,” Horn said. “Regardless of who will oversee that division there was going to be a need for a lot of communication with our IT department. I know a lot of things can be done to bring that division more up to date and not only make things more accessible for use for various county offices but more accessible to the public, too.

I think we all view this as a good thing.”

Carr and Rogers could not be reached for comment.

Horn said officials have already started getting paperwork on the rules and policies of the state signed off by the necessary county officials.

Coleman said he didn’t know why a big fuss was made about the department because there didn’t seem like anything was wrong with it.

“But if we have to make a change, I think this is a good change,” Coleman said. “This is a permanent solution I hope.”

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