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North Texas State Fair & Rodeo Results

The following are the results of the Barbeque Cook-off competition at the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo:

Showmanship: First place, Bucking Edge; second, Cheese Burger; third, Texas Chow; fourth, Intimidation; fifth, Big Fish

Brisket: First place, Jim Paddack; second, Russell Wilson; third, Mickey McNary; fourth, Jerry McCuistion; fifth, Clint Thomas

Ribs: First place, Randy Buckhart; second, Russell Wilson; third, Bryan McLarty; fourth, Clint Thomas; fifth, Zack Miller

Chicken: First place, Robert McCuistion; second, Zack Miller; third, Jody Wilkins; fourth, Jerry McCuistion; fifth, Brian McLarty

Beans: First place, Randy Burkhart; second, Jim Paddack; third, Melinda Burkhart; fourth, Jody Wilkins; fifth, Yvonne Wilkins

Overall cooker: First place, Russell Wilson; second, Robert McCuistion; third, Randy Burkhart; fourth, Zack Miller; fifth, Jerry McCuistion