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Boydston sworn in to his position

Profile image for By Donna Fielder / Staff Writer
By Donna Fielder / Staff Writer

Doug Boydston stood before Denton County commissioners on Aug. 14 and was sworn in as constable of Precinct 5. A feeling swept over him that he’s had only once before in his life.

Twenty-seven years ago, Boydston was sworn in as a Denton police officer, and now he’s starting a new career as an elected official who deals mostly with civil law rather than criminal enforcement.

But the rush of elation was the same.

“I remember when I was fresh out of the academy and I couldn’t wait to start. It was like I was a rookie again,” Boydston said. “I’m so excited about the opportunities ahead.”

Boydston won a runoff election for the position July 31. There is no Democrat running, so that decided the race. The position was open because Kenneth Jannereth, the previous constable, resigned under pressure May 14 after his appeal on a conviction for criminal mischief was denied and he was ordered to surrender his peace officer’s license.

County Judge Mary Horn had said she wanted the newly elected official, whomever that might be, to take over so the office could have a leader as soon as possible.

Boydston’s resignation at the city police department is effective Aug. 31. City rules don’t allow a resignation in the middle of a month, he said, so he’s taking vacation, compensation and sick time until then.

For the past 11 years, Boydston, 49, has served as bailiff of Denton’s municipal court. He served warrants and other documents associated with that court, so he knows how to take care of the bulk of a constable’s job. The rest, he’s anxious to learn.

The office has positions for a chief deputy and three other deputies. Right now, there is an opening and it has been posted for filling, he said.

Boydston wants to find a deputy with a number of years’ experience in serving civil documents so he can be sworn in and climb into a patrol car and roll.

Boydston is changing the office uniforms from gray and navy to khaki shirts and dark brown slacks. It looks more professional, he said, and he wants to emphasize that there has been a change.

“I’m going to create a new image,” he said. “My goal is to make Precinct 5 the best constable’s office in Denton County. All the constables say that, but I intend to do it.”

Boydston lives west of Sanger. Precinct 5 stretches across the northern width of the county, from the Collin County line to the east to the Wise County line to the west, out FM428 to the north and Lewisville Lake and even beyond to the south. It takes in parts of far eastern and northern Denton.

The main office is at the Copeland Government Center in Cross Roads, but Boydston said he would spend at least one day a month at the old government office in downtown Sanger. A clerk from the office works there one day a month so people in the Sanger area can conveniently buy license plates, he said. Boydston will be there in case anyone would like to come in and talk.

“I’m going to be involved in the community,” he said. “When I was campaigning, knocking on doors, I found out that people in the precinct didn’t know the name of their constable. In four years, when I’m knocking on doors again, I want people to know that Doug Boydston is their constable.”

The bad publicity and stress of having their supervisor in trouble was hard on the precinct’s four deputies and two clerks, he said. He wants that to change.

“The Denton Police Department prepared me well. We are going to be respected,” Boydston said. “I am going to see to that.”

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