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Blotter: Man’s car returned with items missing

A man was a little too trusting when he agreed to take a friend of a friend to a casino in Oklahoma on his way to Nebraska for a job interview.

At about 7 p.m. Saturday, the man reported his car stolen. He said he stopped to get something to eat at a fast-food restaurant in the 3000 block of West University Drive, and the woman he had agreed to take to the casino waited in the car.

When he left the restaurant, he noticed the woman and his car were gone.

He texted and called the woman several times before calling police, a police report states.

The woman returned one of his calls and told him that she would return “in a few minutes.”

According to the report, several hours passed and the man then called a friend of the woman, who told him she knew where his car was.

The friend returned his car, and the man then noticed that a digital camera, laptop computer and a GPS device were missing. Police told the man to make a list of all missing items, including serial numbers.

It’s unknown if the man made it to his interview in Nebraska on time.

No arrests were made at the time the report was made.


Other reports

500 block of Inman Street — Denton police responded to a report of a man standing in the middle of a road and punching cars as they drove though his neighborhood.

The man was intoxicated and said he was angry at his neighbors who constantly throw trash on his lawn, a police report stated. The man punched several cars as he stood in front of his residence.

Dispatch received several calls Saturday night about the man, but no injuries were reported.

One motorist reported that the man caused minor damage to her car, but she did not ask to press charges. Instead she asked that the man pay for the damage.

There had been no arrests at the time the report was made.

Police advised the man to stay indoors or face public intoxication charges.

— John D. Harden


Denton County Crime Stoppers will pay a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest in these or other crimes. Callers will remain anonymous. Call 1-800-388-TIPS (8477). Reach the Denton police narcotics tip line at 940-565-5801.