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UNT changes parking plan

Profile image for By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer
By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer

The University of North Texas changed its parking plan this year by removing some spaces on Highland Street and removing meters from three parking lots to give students more spaces.

Parking was removed from Highland Street between Avenue C and Welch Street for safety reasons and because the city is planning to make repairs to sewer and water lines, said Ginny Griffin, interim director of parking and transportation services at UNT.

It was dangerous to back out into traffic on Highland Street, she said.

The street repairs will be voted on in the November bond election.

A few parallel parking spaces were left in front of Stovall Hall for the Child Development Laboratory and Crumley Hall for unloading.

In the 2005 master plan, the university made plans to transform Highland Street into a transit mall.

“The goal is to provide a limited-access street for transit, bicycles and pedestrians,” the plan states.

The university is working on a new master plan, but the transit mall is still expected to be part of it.

“We’re in the middle of revamping the campus master plan,” Griffin said. “It’s been in the master plan some time to limit vehicles on Highland [Street].”

As well as removing parking from Highland Street, UNT removed the parking meters in three lots on Welch Street.

Griffin said she wanted to increase the number of premium parking spaces and that was the most logical place to do it.

Premium parking is for students who commute to campus and is the type of permit most students have, she said.

There are other meters on campus, Griffin said, and visitors can park in the Highland Street garage or the parking garage in front of the union for an hourly rate.

Part of the need for more premium parking spaces comes from the building of the Greek Life Center, which will cause the university to lose some of its premium parking spots in the next couple of months.

The center is being built across Maple Street from fraternity row.

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