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Area delegates take part in Democratic National Convention

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By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

The Democratic National Convention kicked off Tuesday as Democratic delegates, speakers and regular attendees descended upon Charlotte, N.C., for the three-day convention.

Among the crowd of people there to witness the official nomination of President Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for president are two Denton County delegates — Brandon Cooper and George Nasser.

For Cooper, it is his first national convention, which comes on the heels of his first trip to the state convention.

“It’s been an interesting experience so far, but the good stuff is yet to come as far as the keynote speakers,” Cooper said.

He noted that he is looking forward to San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro’s keynote address.

“And you never really know who will be out there tonight or on the final night,” Cooper said.

He said there seems to be a lot more diversity than one would see at the Republican National Convention. Not just skin color, he stressed, but seeing more young people and those same young people as delegates.

Cooper said the old political system and conventions involved lots of brokering, yelling and that this year’s convention is the opposite of that.

“Everyone is on the same page. Everyone knows why they are here — to support the president and support the good ideas of [the party]. It’s really pleasant compared to so many conventions in the past.”

He noted the other convention had angry splinter groups but didn’t think that would be found in Charlotte.

“I don’t see that happening anywhere near this convention,” Cooper said.

Nasser could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

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