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Residential foreclosures down 14 percent in county

Denton County’s residential foreclosures for September decreased by 14 percent from a year ago, according to the latest data from Addison-based Foreclosure Listing Service.

The data showed 429 residential properties were listed for foreclosure on Tuesday, compared with 498 Denton County properties listed in September 2011. The figure includes residential, townhomes and condos located inside the county and do not include commercial properties.

George Roddy Jr. with the listing service said the decline was pretty substantial and it was a reflection of how the Dallas-Fort Worth area was responding to changes in the market.

“We have gone through the large portions of the bad loans,” Roddy said. “The economy is improving and people are seeing a positive note from this market.”

Roddy said the Denton County area foreclosure postings have continued to decline during the first half of this year and he did not expect that to change.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area also experienced a 22 percent decline with 3,724 residential properties listed for foreclosure, compared to 4,786 listed in September 2011, the listing service reported.

— Karina Ramírez