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Website to track wind turbine data

Profile image for By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer
By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer

The University of North Texas and Northern Power Systems recently launched the website that tracks data from the three wind turbines at Eagle Point near Apogee Stadium.

The website gives information about the turbines since their installation was completed in February. It also shows how much renewable energy each turbine is producing under the current wind speed and temperature.

Together the turbines have generated 155,003 kilowatts of renewable energy since February, according to the Northern Power website.

The 100-kilowatt turbines — each 120 feet tall with 30-foot blades — are being paid for by a $2 million grant from the State Energy Conservation Office.

The university estimated the entire Eagle Point grid, which houses Apogee Stadium, Mean Green Village and Victory Hall residence hall, uses 7.5 million kilowatts of power each year. With the turbines, it’s estimated 6 percent of that amount would be renewable energy.

UNT officials were pleased that by June the turbines were producing 8 percent more energy than the university had estimated.

Lauren Helixon, assistant director of operations and research in the office of sustainability, said it will be much easier to tell how much energy the turbines are producing after they’ve tracked the output for a year.

They are expected to supply one-third of the stadium’s energy needs when the stadium is in full use, she said.

The university is still working on getting the website linked to the UNT Office of Sustainability’s webpage, Helixon said.

“We’re hoping it can be used as an outreach, an educational tool,” Helixon said.

At this time, the university does not have plans for more wind turbines but is always exploring a variety of options for renewable energy, with the two most common being wind and solar, she said.

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