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Copper Canyon renews contract

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

Town keeps agreement with Brian the Animal Guy for range of services

The Copper Canyon Town Council renewed its ninth contract for animal services with Brian the Animal Guy, who has found a niche in servicing small towns and cities.

The Copper Canyon council entered into another one-year contract with Brian Hall for animal control Monday night during a Town Council meeting. The contract is through September 2013.

Copper Canyon Mayor Sue Tejml said there were no changes in the contract and that she’s pleased Hall will continue to serve the town.

“He’s very compassionate about what he does, and he works hard to reunite lost animals with their owners,” she said.

Copper Canyon officials agreed to pay Hall $150 a month, a $25 fuel allowance a month and they each agreed to evenly split revenue generated from impoundment fees.

Hall, whose shelter is based in Roanoke, is a private animal control contractor for several communities in Denton County, including Argyle, Ponder, Bartonville, Double Oak, Corral City, Northlake, Trophy Club and Haslet. His animal shelter also serves as an adoption center.

Hall remains on call day and night and is the only employee serving each municipality. The low volume of calls allows him flexibility, and he said he’s the best option for smaller municipalities because he also provides a cheaper alternative.

“I provide my own shelter, truck, gas and insurance,” Hall said. “It really benefits a city when they don’t have to spend $100,000 a year to keep a shelter running or worry about one of their employees getting injured.”

Hall has worked in animal control for more than 15 years and is certified by the state of Texas to handle most wildlife problems that residents face.

“I work 24/7, which is an added benefit because if a resident calls for help on a Saturday, they don’t have to wait until Monday for someone to respond,” he said.

Hall handles an average of about 70 to 100 calls per month.

In September, Copper Canyon had eight animal service calls. Three of the calls were for skunk removals and three more were for armadillos.

The Animal Guy’s shelter is able to hold 30 dogs and 15 cats. He said that his average haul is about eight to 12 animals a month and that he has an average 80 percent adoption rate.

He said he looks forward to continuing his work for Copper Canyon because of it’s rural environment.

“Working in small towns is a benefit because I’m not overwhelmed, and I’m able to provide the services each town needs,” he said. “In small towns, you don’t get as many calls like you would in a larger city.”

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