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Hearing expected on road closing

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By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

Blackjack Oaks Road residents want street closed to reduce traffic

AUBREY — Residents along Blackjack Oaks Road will have a little less than a month to prepare for a public hearing on whether their entire road will be closed as they hope.

The road serves a subdivision off Blackjack Road, west of Aubrey, but it has been used as a cut-through from Blackjack Road to FM428. Residents want the road closed off on one end to cut down on traffic and keep the area more private.

The road, when initially built, was closed off by a fence until last year, when officials discovered the road was being blocked against county procedures.

During their meeting today, Denton County commissioners are expected to set a public hearing on the road status for Nov. 6.

“It’s a concern about growth and who should carry the proportionate share of traffic on the road,” Commissioner Hugh Coleman said Monday. “That’s the main issue. Who gets the traffic on their street? Regardless of what happens, Aubrey is going to get bigger and that area is going to have more traffic, particularly with the future development that will take place.”

It was Coleman who requested the item to be placed on the agenda after receiving a petition from 13 residents along the road in question. Several attempts to reach them for comment Monday were unsuccessful.

A unanimous vote of the Commissioners Court is required to close, abandon, vacate or alter a public road.

Coleman said that while Blackjack Road has always been a way to get around the city of Aubrey, Blackjack Oaks was never designed to be a thoroughfare or a cut-through; it was designed only to be a cul de sac residential development.

When a portion of the road was closed and another exit opened to connect to FM428, there was never a public hearing or commissioner’s order, Coleman said, adding that the closing was unlawfully done.

“Now I am trying to go back and do things pursuant to the law. I am a big believer of open government and doing things the right way,” Coleman said. “Democracy is sometimes painful and ugly, but everyone will have the opportunity to give their two cents.”

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