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Crownover faces two opponents Nov. 6

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By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

Another re-election bid, another set of opponents for incumbent District 64 Representative Myra Crownover.

Alongside Crownover, R-Denton, on the Nov. 6 ballot will be Democrat Mary Brown and Libertarian Ian Kull.

“I’ve been watching for 20 years [as] we drift further form where we are supposed to be,” Kull said. “The only way I know to change that is by taking action.”

Kull calls for a balance between freedom and government, which he described as stifling.

“You have to acknowledge we need government oversight, but it doesn’t need to be the 50 percent or more it is now.”

Government should protect a person and their property, he said. Anything else is imposing duties that shouldn’t be there, Kull said.

His top three issues are rewriting a family code he calls bigoted and one-sided, removing restrictions that keep small businesses from prospering, and ending the war on drugs, which would be a boon to the economics of this state.

He cites his experience as an everyday person living under the current regulations and restrictions as well as his 13 years as a paralegal for giving him the skill set needed to be a representative.

“People are looking for new ideas and people who think outside of the box, and that’s what I am trying to bring to this,” Kull said.

As the Democratic candidate, Brown is a new face to the political scene but says she is bringing a fresh set of eyes.

“Instead of thinking of who I owe and who I need to pay tribute to, I am thinking of the people who sent me there instead of people funding my campaign and funding a lifestyle in Austin,” she said.

The voters deserve someone who will stand up for the interests and the students, and actually fight for education, she added.

Brown’s big three concerns are the education budget, civil rights for state residents, and responsibilities to Texas as a whole — from environmental concerns to taking care of the roads.

She’s currently a University of North Texas student working on a bachelor’s degree in mechanical energy engineering. Brown said she is passionate about the subjects of energy and alternative energy.

“I think that is the best way forward for Texas, instead of saying we’re just going to drill for oil and gas and nothing else,” she said.

Her experience as a service-industry employee will help her, should she get elected, she said.

“I go to work every day and know what it feels like to have to count your hours every week and make sure your paycheck is enough to cover things — being a minimum-wage worker and knowing what it looks like and having to live off that,” she said.

Crownover called the last Legislative session challenging, with an unprecedented deficit and a clear mandate from voters to not raise taxes. She wants another term to get back down to Austin and continue to work on the problems.

Crownover noted there is a large freshman and sophomore class of officials in Austin and it was important for them to have a source of institutional memory and mentoring for them.

“I’ve always enjoyed that role,” she said.

Crownover said she works closely with the universities and the state-supported living center in order for them to have a strong voice in Austin.

She cited some of the important issues as having available water, energy, an educated workforce and the infrastructure for transportation needs.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to use what we learned to do things the right way,” Crownover said.

Crownover said she wants the chance to work on compressed natural gas for transportation because, she says, it is a cleaner, cheaper source of energy and it is produced in Texas.

“We have challengers, but we have great leaders able to move forward and do brave, bold things for our area,” she said.


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Age: 23

Born: Fort Sam Houston

Education: working on bachelor’s degree ini mechanical energy engineering

Experience: student



Age: 41

Born: Ann Arbor, Mich.

Education: some college, online coursework, paralegal certification in 1995 and 2001

Experience: law office of Dennis Engler, 1999-present



Age: 65

Born: Oklahoma City

Education: Bachelor of Arts from SMU, 1969; master’s in education from Texas A&M, 1972

Experience: teacher; president, YMCA board of directors; member, board of directors of Northstar Bank; founded and co-owned Lake Dallas Vet Clinic until 2000; served on multiple nonprofit boards; member, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science board; vice chairwoman, Republican caucuses in the 2011 session; state representative since 2000