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Towns to vote in alcohol election

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

Aubrey, Sanger to decide for or against sale of all alcoholic beverages

Residents in the cities of Aubrey and Sanger have the option to vote for or against legalizing the sale of all alcoholic beverages in the Nov. 6 election.

Sanger and Aubrey are already legally authorized to sell alcohol, but it’s limited to the sales of beer and wine for off-premises consumption only. In November, Sanger and Aubrey residents will decide whether or not to legalize the sale of all alcoholic drinks, including mixed beverages.

In July, Aubrey City Council members voted to support the local option election after receiving a petition signed by about 35 percent of the registered Aubrey voters who voted in the most recent election.

About 35 percent of registered Sanger voters also submitted a signed petition for the local option election. Sanger officials approved the special election in August.

Because alcohol already is permitted in each city, officials don’t expect the addition of more drinks to have a significant impact on their local economy.

“If anything, the impact will be really small,” said Sanger City Manager Mike Brice.

But according to the Better Business for Denton County Committee, the passing of the local alcohol propositions could allow for retail stores to better compete with surrounding areas.

Committee officials said local businesses are missing out on the chance to tap into additional alcohol sales. In a news release, the committee stated that the sale of mixed drinks keeps residents from venturing to neighboring towns and cities for drinks.

However, Brice said because of the high tax rate that the state has on alcohol sales, the city will see very little revenue.

“We only get about 2 percent of the revenue,” he said.

Early voting starts today, and residents unsure of their precinct number can call the Denton County Elections Office at 940-349-3200 or search their online database at .

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