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DCTA welcomes Campbell

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By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

The Denton County Transportation Authority will welcome a new member at the Nov. 15 meeting.

George A. Campbell, not to be confused with Denton City Manager George Campbell, is taking the place of outgoing board member Charles Correll to represent unincorporated Denton County.

“I believe we should give something back,” Campbell said when asked why he chose to participate on the board.

Campbell said it’s important to maintain the connection to the community and to see that organizations like DCTA run effectively.

“I think the DCTA is a very important piece of our culture, and we should be working towards making it better,” he said. “I hope being on the board I am able to help do that.”

When asked what skills he will bring to the board, Campbell noted his background of running a consulting engineering firm, CCRD Partners, for 30 years — specializing in hospitals and laboratories.

A chat with DCTA officials at a recent formal opening of the train and his wife’s A-train rides spurred Campbell’s interest in the transit system. Officials talked with him about participating in the agency at some point, which he would later accept.

Correll noted that his time with DCTA dates back to before the agency existed, when he was in executive committee meetings to decide if there even was going to be a DCTA.

“It’s been a plan and a project and, as far as I am concerned, the project is complete now,” he said. “We have a railroad running. It’s time for me to step aside.”

Correll said among his proudest achievements is how far DCTA has come without having federal funds at the beginning. Another was getting the agency and its plans for bus and rail to the current stage in 10 years.

“Which is unheard of, at least in the U.S., in terms of building this large a public transportation system,” he added. “It’s something I am glad to have been a part of.”

Correll is not alone in his departure from the board. Also on his way out is Tom Spencer, who represents small cities. Spencer wasn’t available for comment.

DCTA board President Charles Emery had kind words for both men at the end of Thursday’s regular board meeting.

“I’ve been with Charlie and Tom all these years,” Emery said. “I don’t think there is a way to measure their contribution. The only way to try and put it in perspective is [to] say they were part of a great success in this DCTA operation. Both from the expansion of bus service all the way through the development and funding of the rail system, they are part of a team that has just put their nose to the grindstone for the past 10 or 11 years. And the outcome of that effort is certainly demonstrated every day in service, both bus and train, to our citizens.”

Looking ahead, Emery said Campbell will make a great contribution as Correll’s replacement.

“He has a great technical mind, being an engineer,” Emery said. “He’s very familiar with Denton County. I think he will step right in, in due time.”

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