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Photo by Alex Meimers - Chronicle

Atkinson family sticks together

Profile image for By Dylan Curtis/For the Denton Record-Chronicle
By Dylan Curtis/For the Denton Record-Chronicle

The football season is winding down, and the coaches are hard at work training their teams to have a successful end to the season. Broncos head coach Kevin Atkinson has a stressful job, and so does his wife, Chrissy Atkinson.

“I am a little sad when the season begins, because we know he’ll be gone a lot,” Chrissy Atkinson said. “He works seven days a week. I’m basically both the dad and the mom. But once we get rolling and seeing the positive impact he has on the players, it is all worth it. We understand that football is more than a sport; it is a way of life that can positively affect people, Denton High, and our community as a whole, and to us, the time away is well worth it.”

When Coach Atkinson is spending nights practicing at the field house and his wife is working, the family depends on their daughter Lexi, a sophomore, to keep everything in check around the house.

“At first it was just my wife, but lately we’ve been relying a lot on Lexi,” Coach Atkinson said.

Even though coaches spend countless hours away from home, Kevin Atkinson still makes an effort to stay involved with his wife and children. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for spending quality time with his family.

“The staff and I try to have our kids here as much as possible,” he said. “They know the ins and outs of every corner of this field house.”

Chrissy Atkinson is just as devoted to her husband, attending games and traveling with the team to away games. She has been a coach’s wife for over 20 years, and has been to almost every one of her husband’s games.

“I have maybe missed three or four games because of having a baby or one of my children was ill,” Chrissy Atkinson said.

The coaching staff’s family members have become closer over the course of the season; due to the constant traveling that is part of the football program, she said.

“I make it a point to get to know every staff member and their children,” Chrissy Atkinson said. “We win together, lose together and cry together. Most of my closest friends are coaches’ wives.”

Chrissy Atkinson isn’t just a coach’s wife and a mother; she is also a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, and therefore travels frequently. Meanwhile, Kevin Atkinson has become somewhat of an expert at getting his kids ready for school and church, she said, and he has overcome the obstacle of balancing his home life and work life while his wife is out of town.

“He is a pro at braiding hair, doing pony tails, and tying bows,” she said. “Believe it or not, my girls would rather he fix their hair than me.”

After years of attending game after game, Chrissy Atkinson’s support for her husband and his team remains unwavering.

“I am really excited about the way we have started,” she said. “After years of being a head coach’s wife, I don’t take one win for granted, and I feel many more [wins] are in the future.”


DYLAN CURTIS is a sophomore at Denton High School and a participant in the Denton Record-Chronicle’s “Speak Out Loud” writing program for student journalists.