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Nerves get the best of student drivers

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Dimitrios Aerts/For the Denton Record-Chronicle

Students fail driver’s test same way, one day apart

When taking a driving test for the first time, it’s normal to feel incredibly nervous. But two students in particular were so tense that they actually turned left at the same red light.

George Roberson, who took the test first, posted a status to Facebook about his failure. Yasmeen Alshara, one of his friends, told her dad about how Roberson had turned left on a red light.

“You won’t do that,” Alshara’s dad said to her.

She thought it was funny when she did exactly that a day later. When she did, she also posted about it on Facebook.

“When George commented on it, we basically figured out that it was the same red light,” Alshara said.

When Roberson had taken the test, he wasn’t nervous about the driving portion of the test at all.

“I was really worried about parallel parking,” Roberson said. “I thought I was going to fail because of it. But I was pleasantly surprised when I passed parallel parking. And then I ran a red light.”

Both students said that when they got to the light, their minds went blank. It happened at the Kings Row/Loop 288 intersection, a light that has a left turn light green at a different time than the straight lights, and vice-versa.

“I guess I was trying to calm myself down so much that I forgot about driving,” Alshara said.

Roberson said something similar happen to him.

“I saw the red light from a mile away,” Roberson said. “The left turn light was red. But when I got to the light, I forgot.”

The instructor told him to turn around and head back to the Department of Motor Vehicles office.

“I didn’t know what to think,” he said. “I knew I failed, I just didn’t know why. It never crossed my mind that I ran the light.”

Alshara’s instructor told her to turn around. She pointed at the light and said the student driver had run through it.

“Even after she pointed it out to me, I still didn’t notice it,” she said.

Both Roberson and Alshara offer advice for future test-takers: “Drive carefully, watch your speed and don’t run any red lights.”


DIMITRIOS AERTS is a senior at Denton High School and a participant in the Denton Record-Chronicle’s “Speak Out Loud” writing program for student journalists.