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Sanger set for first phase of sidewalk project

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

SANGER — The first phase of a multiyear sidewalk project designed to connect the city of Sanger’s main commercial areas, parks and schools is expected to be completed by spring, officials say.

Along the city’s main roads and around schools, sidewalks either do not exist or resemble islands that lead to nowhere, leaving pedestrians to travel unpaved paths.

The first phase of the project is budgeted at about $129,000, but on July 16, the council awarded 2L Construction LLC only $108,415 of the total cost because of budget constraints during the 2011-12 fiscal year.

On Monday, the council awarded the remaining $20,750 to the company, pulling the money from the city’s general fund. The city saw a boost in its taxable revenue, which allowed officials to invest in improving infrastructure and services in its 2012-13 budget, officials said.

City Manager Mike Brice said Phase I of the project should be completed by March, weather permitting.

Phase I includes building sidewalks along Keaton Road from Duck Creek Road to Holt Road and a section along Fifth Street.

Brice said the phases are guidelines and the city may stray from them occasionally as related projects, such as street repairs, are in progress. One example is the sidewalks along FM455, which will not be constructed until the road is widened.

The widening of FM455 is only funded for engineering and not construction, Brice said.

“The next section to be done will be along Freese Drive in conjunction with street repairs,” he said. “It will be done next spring. Even though this section is in Phase V, we will do it along with the street repairs because it will be cheaper than doing it alone later.”

Sidewalks are also to be built along 10th Street, Willow Street, Cowling Road and Elm Street.

The project’s goal is to link all parks, schools and commercial areas with sidewalks in an attempt to make the community more pedestrian friendly.

The city identified the need for sidewalks in 2008 after conducting a citywide study on the city’s roads and sidewalks. Brice said city officials hope all sidewalks in the project will be completed by 2022.

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