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Shady Shores seeks bids

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

Report: Roads need to be fixed soon, drainage can wait

Shady Shores officials decided to begin seeking bids for plans to improve and repair some of the town’s road and drainage issues after reviewing a town committee’s road report the Town Council received last month.

The 10-member road and drainage committee suggested that officials make road repairs a priority over drainage issues. On Monday the Town Council voted to seek bids for future roadwork.

Mayor Jerry Williams said the town is in the process of preparing the first wave of bids, which will include repair work on Oakwood Circle and a complete replacement of West Shady Shores Road from Lakeshore Road to Terra Evergreen Drive.

The town allocated more than $600,000 in its budget this year to road repair and maintenance. The town pulled about $480,000 from its reserves to help pay for the roads.

To slow future road decay, the town’s road and drainage committee suggested last month that the Town Council begin annually budgeting for road repairs and maintenance. Officials also seek to reseal all of the cracks in the town’s roads including the concrete streets in subdivisions.

Committee chairwoman Judith Halaszyn said the committee agreed that if road improvements are not addressed soon, road quality could worsen because of heavier traffic.

Officials expect the road and drainage repairs to be a multiyear project because of costs associated with the project. More than $4 million in road and drainage repairs and improvements were identified in a town engineer’s road survey.

Officials said not every road can be fixed in one budget year without a substantial tax increase.

Williams met with Denton County officials about doing some of the roadwork. However, Williams said one downside to this is that inmates will do the work, which may concern some residents.

Also, once a contract is signed with the county, the work crews will do the work at their convenience.

Shady Shores officials said they hope to have the construction started by spring.

On Monday, officials also approved seeking cost estimates for a hydrology study of the town. Committee members recommended that the council conduct the study prior to addressing the town’s drainage problems.

“The town engineer will work on that also,” Williams said. “He is going to try and have [estimates] ready by the Jan. 7 meeting.”

The town estimates more than $500,000 is needed to correct drainage issues. The committee suggested to the council that the town choose one major area per year until all are completed.

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