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Blue Crew pumps up volume, spirit

Profile image for By Joshua Jordan/For the Denton Record-Chronicle
By Joshua Jordan/For the Denton Record-Chronicle

They are heard chanting, “Ay, we want a touchdown, bang-bang” at football games. Their presence is felt by rocking the gym at basketball games. And they are seen at all sporting events wearing blue, supporting their school, and yelling loud and wild. The Blue Crew is a rowdy, loud and proud student section at Guyer High School that can be seen and heard at pep rallies and school sporting events.

Started by senior PAL (Peer Assistance in Leadership) student and baseball player Jud Kinzy, the Blue Crew incites school spirit while supporting the various athletic programs, he said.

“The idea started last year during basketball season,” Kinzy said. “I just thought we needed a good student section to show support for all of the sports.”

The Blue Crew has grown tremendously in a little less than a year.

“The Blue Crew has gotten so much bigger,” Kinzy said. “It started with just me and a few of my baseball friends. We were just acting crazy and wearing blue. Then other kids have joined in. It has grown a lot. We are slowly increasing to be the best student section in Texas.”

Senior Kyle Vochoska said being part of the Blue Crew is exciting.

“The energy everyone gives just makes you hype,” he said. “You can see our players on the field get hyped when we start cheering, and the players on the other team get sad and they lose momentum.”

Players on the field attest to the difference the Blue Crew makes in the games.

“It brings up the morale in all of us when they cheer,” junior football player Kyle Soltero said. “We get excited and hyped. It brings the other team down. When they make a mistake and the Blue Crew cheers, you can see it in their face. The Blue Crew helps us play with energy.”

Though a relatively new concept, the Blue Crew has already some rituals they do at games. A favorite for senior Reed Battles is the powder toss. During that, all of the students throw white powder up in the air as they jump up and down chanting, “We believe that we will win!”

“You just see the other team’s jaw drop in awe,” Battles said.

Soltero likes other rituals such as the “roller coaster,” which the Blue Crew does before every game. The students in the Blue Crew move their hands back and forth in unison while screaming at the top of their lungs.

“The roller coaster is definitely the best cheer that they do,” he said. “I love it when they do that. All that yelling and screaming gets me hyped.”

The Blue Crew’s goal is simple: bring the entire school together while supporting the athletic programs.

“School spirit has gotten so much better since the Blue Crew has gotten here,” Kinzy said. “School spirit was lacking before the Blue Crew. No student section at football games, and nobody was participating in spirit days. But the reason behind the Blue Crew was very simple. I thought we needed a good student section to show our support for all sports, and in doing that we could bring the school together by getting everyone else involved in the big idea of school spirit.”

The Blue Crew has improved school spirit, but they still don’t have full student participation.

“We need everyone in the school to come out and support each other,” Battles said. “All you got to do is wear blue, come to the student section and yell loud!”

The Blue Crew tries to be the best in the state at what they do.

“Our goal is to be as loud and as wild as possible,” Kinzy said. “We are trying and are going to be more turned up than any other school.”


JOSHUA JORDAN is a junior at Guyer High School and a participant in the Denton Record-Chronicle’s “Speak Out Loud” writing program for student journalists.