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White Christmas arrives

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

Residents in Denton County and the rest of North Texas were treated to a snowy Christmas Day on Tuesday as more than 3 inches of snow fell in some parts of the region.

Brendon Rubin-Oster, National Weather Service meteorologist, reported that the cold weather is expected to last through the rest of the week, but minus any additional precipitation.

The snow began to fall in parts of Denton County at about noon and lasted for a little more than an hour in some parts.

Denton County Emergency Services officials held a conference call Monday with their state and federal partners regarding potential threats from Monday and Tuesday’s weather.

The threat of severe thunderstorms and winter weather conditions were addressed, said Jamie Moore, Denton County Emergency Management spokesman.

During the evening, as the snow began to settle, Moore said the county did not have any reports of road issues within the county.

However, Texas Department of Transportation officials reported that ice and snow accumulated on Interstate 35E, warning motorists to drive cautiously or to stay off the roads if possible.

Denton County officials had three sand trucks loaded and on standby Tuesday while coordinating with Texas Department of Public Safety officials.

Throughout the day, Moore said the county’s road and bridge departments monitored a list of spots where icing or other issues usually occur during icy weather conditions.

Moore said the trucks were scheduled to be used to address any icing that was expected to occur overnight Tuesday into this morning.

Although outages were reported in Dallas and Tarrant counties, no widespread power outages were reported in Denton County on Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service also reported that snow amounts ranged from 1 inch to nearly 4 inches across the Dallas-Fort Worth area and from 3 to 6 inches in and north of Denton to Greenville.

Because of the plummeting temperatures and hazardous driving conditions on snow-covered roads, a winter weather advisory has been issued and ends mid-morning today.

Today’s high is expected to peak at 30 degrees and the low is predicted to drop to 19 degrees by tonight. The highs for the rest of the week are expected to stay in the 40s, and officials predict the lows to stay between the mid-20s and 30s.

Staff writers Megan Gray and Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe contributed to this report.


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