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Justin expects new apartment complex to begin this year

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

An area in Justin is getting another chance for development a few years after an apartment complex developer filed for bankruptcy, stalling development.

City officials expect to see a new multi-family development begin construction at least after the summer, depending on how quickly the developers work to get their project approved by the City Council and the Planning and Zoning Board.

City Council members passed a resolution in mid-December to designate an area in the city for revitalization. City officials are working with Houston-based Marque Real Estate Consultants to develop the area.

By passing the resolution, the council’s actions gave the apartment complex developer the green light to begin the city’s approval process and develop the area.

“They have to go through the same process as any other developer,” Mayor Greg Scott said. “The resolution was just so we can organize our development plans. They have to present their plans to the council and P-and-Z for approval.”

The targeted area is located along FM156 near the southern part of Justin. Scott said he does not expect the construction to start anytime soon, but he said once it’s completed, more residential or commercial development could follow.

The land slated for the complex is near two other empty parcels of land that could open for development once the apartments are completed, Scott said.

“We can always use more rooftops in the city,” he said. “Once you start building, it seems to attract more development and people.”

The mayor said he is not sure how big the development will be or how much it will cost, but he said the city’s ordinances prevent the development from having more than 800 units. Estimated cost, impact and scope of the project will be presented in a later council meeting.

“The plans haven’t been presented yet and we won’t approve anything until we see them. It’s just like everything else we do,” Scott said.

About two years ago, the city put in place the roads and infrastructure needed to support such a development.

The City Council then designated the area for development with another developer that expressed interest in building an apartment complex in the area.

However, the developer filed for bankruptcy and backed out of the development.

Now that the land has been designated for development, Scott said the new developer will now begin seeking City Council approval by providing building and project plans soon.

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