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Contract for Wright extended one year

The contract for Telena Wright, superintendent of Argyle public schools, has been extended one year.

On Thursday, the Argyle school board met for a special meeting to conduct Wright’s evaluation and discuss her contract. Her salary was not discussed at the special meeting, board President Kevin Faciane said.

“We’ll review her salary at the same time we review the other district salaries,” he said.

The one-year extension, a 6-0 approval of the school board, takes Wright’s contract into 2016.

Wright has officially served as superintendent for Argyle schools since 2009. She was hired as the district’s interim superintendent in 2008, while former superintendent Jason Ceyanes, who later resigned, was on paid administrative leave.



School district to refinance bonds

The Sanger school district is looking to save money by refinancing about $3.54 million in 2007 bonds at a lower interest rate.

The school board Monday gave its approval for Superintendent Kent Crutsinger to proceed with the refinance if the market turns in the district’s favor and certain parameters are met.

According to Crutsinger, the district must see a savings of 8 percent or more and a refinance agreement must be reached within 180 days.

The district hopes to lock in an interest rate between 2.2 and 2.5 percent, Crutsinger said, with a projected savings of about $530,000. He said the bonds the district hopes to refinance will mature in 2027.

In other action Monday, the Sanger school board voted 7-0 to extend Crutsinger’s contract an additional year, running through 2016. His salary was not discussed at the meeting, according to district officials.

In a statement from board President Cristy Koonce released by the school district, she noted the goals the district has achieved in areas of “student achievement, aggressive technology growth, energy management and fiscal consciousness.”

Crutsinger, she wrote, has shown diligence in all four areas.

“We are truly blessed to have Mr. Crutsinger leading our district along with his administrative team,” she stated.



District looks to refinance bonds

The Aubrey school district is looking to refinance about $10 million in 2007-series bonds at a lower interest rate and save the district more than $1 million over the bond’s life.

Superintendent James Monaco said he’s hopeful the refinance process will be completed in the next two to three weeks.

Among the parameters for the refinance are that the district can’t sell more than $10 million in bonds, the district must see a minimum savings of $1.25 million and the interest rate cannot exceed 2.5 percent.

The bonds, which mature in 2042, currently have an interest rate of 4.49 percent, Monaco said.

Based on the market as of Friday, Monaco said the district projected a savings of about $1.4 million as a result of the refinance. Savings, he said, could be seen in the 2013-14 fiscal year.    



Granger to present lecture at church

John Granger will present a lecture titled “Harry Potter, Bella Swan, Katniss Everdeen and the Life of Christ” at 11:30 a.m. Monday at Denton’s St. Maximus Orthodox Church, 2026 W. Oak St.

The public is invited to attend the lecture.

Granger has been a featured and keynote speaker at Harry Potter conferences across the country and has written several books about the series. For more information about Granger, visit