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Group seeks pictures

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By Bj Lewis / Staff Writer

Commission invites residents to show love for historic courthouses

The Denton County Historical Commission invites county residents to show their love for historic courthouses through photos.

They can show their appreciation of history by participating in a campaign presented by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Texas Historical Commission and Preservation Texas. Titled “I Love Texas Courthouses,” the campaign asks participants to send photos of a courthouse with either a heart in the picture or a digitally added heart to

“What we’re trying to do is get the word out to the people who live in Denton County to participate,” said Beth Stribling, Denton County Historical Commission chairwoman.

Residents can send in a photo that includes a hand-held heart — nothing fancy is required — or they can digitally add a heart to their photo, Stribling said.

“A lot of people have some really neat photos already,” she said. “Or they can share a story about their courthouse.”

Stribling said the campaign is timely with the Legislature in session, to bring focus to the preservation of Texas history, such as the Denton County Courthouse on the Square.

“We see all the time how important that courthouse is to the city of Denton. It’s always got people [around] it. Even in cold weather, they are sitting out there drinking coffee on the steps,” Stribling said.

She said the courthouse has always been loved by Denton County residents and officials alike, adding that the building is often referred to as the “living room of Denton.”

“It has always, since I have been in Denton, been really the focus of any kind of special event or activity,” she said.

At one time, Stribling said, the Fourth of July Parade began at the Courthouse on the Square. She also mentioned the Twilight Tunes series of concerts on the Square and the Denton birthday party celebration as events that use the courthouse as a backdrop.

“People that are preservationists, people that are historians — you look at that courthouse. It has so much dignity. The architectural design is so interesting,” Stribling said. “The best buildings we have in the state are our courthouses.”

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