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Local has role in big game

Profile image for By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer
By Rachel Mehlhaff / Staff Writer

Caterer dishes up eats for halftime crew at Super Bowl

Fred Gabrielli of Argyle has a big job at the NFL Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans today: He’s feeding the halftime show crew.

“Beyonce is the halftime show,” Gabrielli said. “We’re feeding the company that’s producing the halftime show.”

This is his third time to cater during the Super Bowl. Gabrielli, who owns Gala Catering, caters for movie and TV crews all the time.

He’s fed a variety of movie crews, including those for the films Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Office Space, The Wedding Singer, Get Smart and This Means War.

Lately, he’s been feeding the crew of the TV show Dallas, which is filming in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Later this year, he said, he’ll be catering for the crew of Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

He has offices all over the country, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Chicago. But he calls Argyle home and has for 30 years.

“Argyle, to me, is the greatest place on Earth,” Gabrielli said. “Nice spot there and it’s really quiet.”

Gabrielli, who is originally from New York, started his catering business in 1982, when he lived in Houston. After he married his wife, who is from Dallas, they moved to North Texas.

Gabrielli said he didn’t have a defined path when he started catering on movie and TV sets. All he knew was that he wanted to have a catering business. The rest just happened, he said.

“My name just started getting around,” he said.

His first gig was feeding a commercial crew.

“No one really wanted to do it,” Gabrielli said. But he said he had fun with it.

Then he started feeding movie crews, including RoboCop, which was filmed in Dallas.

But it’s taken hard work and “lots and lots of hours,” he said.

Gala Catering has eight units so he can cater up to eight sets at a time, he said.

He’s teaching the ropes to his son, Ross.

“He has the interest,” Gabrielli said. “He’s great at marketing.”

Gabrielli has been in New Orleans for several days now, feeding between 300 and 700 people who make up the halftime show crew.

He serves up a variety of food, from spaghetti and meatballs to brisket to Southern-fried catfish.

“For us, we have to be really varied because we have the same people for 70 to 80 days on a film,” he said.

Today’s menu will include brisket, rosemary garlic chicken, beans, rice, a salad bar and root beer floats.

Gabrielli has also catered for the Democratic National Convention and disaster relief work.

“We go anywhere with anything,” he said.

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