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Man shocked on electrical pole

Investigators say he was attempting to steal copper wire

A man attempting to steal copper from an electric pole in the 1600 block of Harmon Road Sunday was shocked when it fell, according to sheriff’s investigators.

James Johnson was taken by CareFlite to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas and is expected to survive, said Sgt. Larry Kish.

“He was trying to steal the copper from the pole,” Kish said, adding that the only way to get the copper would be to burn it to the ground.

The 24-year-old set fire to the electrical pole and it fell.

When the pole fell, the wires, which were still attached to the pole and the nearby house, hit Johnson and shocked him, he said.

Kish said there was less than a handful of copper wire on the pole.

Johnson is being charged with theft and may face felony criminal mischief charges, Kish said.

--Rachel Mehlhaff