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Argyle receives clean audit

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

ARGYLE — An independent financial auditor reported several positive highlights to Argyle council members after reviewing the town’s 2011-12 fiscal year finances.

Town Council members unanimously voted to accept the audit report this week after receiving a brief presentation from Mike Vail of Vail & Knauth LLP.

“One of the highlights is that the general fund revenue increased 7 percent to $2.6 million and that was mainly due to the property tax increase,” Vail said.

Another highlight Vail noted was that the town had enough savings to operate for six months.

He said that he usually recommends a town keep at least three months’ worth of reserves, so Argyle’s fund is “very strong.”

According to the report, auditors reported no internal conflicts or major deficiencies related to the town’s finance system.

However, Vail said his only recommendation was that council members and staff receive a Texas Open Meetings Act refresher.

Vail said city officials raised several questions about what was and what wasn’t allowed under the act.

“There were some concerns raised,” he said. “Our recommendation is a little outside the realm of the financial statement audit, but I think it can help with the overall goal of the town.”

Vail said that he recommends the town attorney consult with the council to provide guidance and education regarding what the open meetings act allows.

But he said the recommendation does not affect the town staff’s ability to manage its finances.

Town Attorney Matt Boyle said the council and appointed staff members receive open meetings act lessons after they are appointed to the council, but a refresher course on the acts requirements is possible.

In other business, council members discussed the two U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints filed against the city in January.

The discussion took place in executive session, which is closed to the public.

The complaints, which were filed in January, were discussed for the first time by the council on Feb. 26.

In the EEOC complaints, two women accused Mayor Matt Smith of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Smith, who was absent from the meeting for unknown reasons, said the allegations were politically charged in an attempt to remove him from office.

Smith has decided against running for re-election in May, leaving council member Peggy Krueger to run unopposed.

No action was taken on the item this week, but during the February meeting, the council agreed to take every step possible to resolve the conflicts and complaints against the town.

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