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Inmate dies in city jail before his release

A Denton man died at the city jail on Thursday afternoon, officials said.

Juan Portales, 47, was found laying on the floor unresponsive around 2 p.m. Thursday, when detention officers were ready to release him, said Officer Orlando Hinojosa, spokesman for the department.

Hinojosa said one of the officers immediately started CPR while the other called the paramedics.

“From there, he was transported to Denton Regional Medical Center, where he was later pronounced [dead],” Hinojosa said.

Police said he hadn’t even been in the holding cell for 24 hours. He was arrested April 3 on public intoxication charges, Hinojosa said.

There was no one else in the cell with him at the time of his death, according to officials.

Police said they don’t suspect foul play, but since he died at the city jail, the Texas Rangers are overseeing the investigation.

— Megan Gray