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Child shot by rifle at home

Profile image for By Megan Gray / Staff Writer
By Megan Gray / Staff Writer

5-year-old in hospital after friend finds gun

A 5-year-old boy remains in critical condition after his 8-year-old friend accidentally shot him in the head Saturday morning, police said.

Officer Orlando Hinojosa, a Denton police spokesman, said the incident took place inside the younger boy’s home after 11:30 a.m. in the 2700 block of Stockton Street.

Police said the two boys were in a bedroom alone when the 8-year-old found a .22-caliber rifle. The boy then allegedly pointed the rifle at his younger friend and shot him in the head, according to a news release issued by the department.

Police spoke with the victim’s family and determined that at the time of the shooting, two adults — the 5-year-old’s grandparents — were at the home, along with one teenager and the two children.

The 5-year-old boy’s parents were at work at the time, Hinojosa said.

The fire department transported the 5-year-old to Denton Regional Medical Center. The boy was then taken by CareFlite to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where he remains in critical condition, Hinojosa said.

The families of the boys could not be reached for comment.

Officials are unsure of where the loaded gun was found.

“It was not in the parents’ [bedroom],” Hinojosa said.

No charges have been filed, but that could change, he said.

Police said they are investigating the shooting as an accident.

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