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Blotter: Police issue mother citation after child fires rifle

Denton police issued a citation to the mother of a 7-year-old boy Monday night after he fired a .22 rifle in the family’s backyard.

Police responded to the 7500 block of Barrymore Road around at 7:41 p.m. after a neighbor called in a suspicious noise that was reported to be a gun shot, records show.

The neighbor told police that the house next door has a 7-year-old son who shoots BB guns and air soft guns, but this time the noise sounded like a real gun, according to the report.

Police said the officer went to contact the suspects next door and observed a young boy playing in the backyard.

After a few attempts, the child’s mother answered the front door and told police her son owns several guns including BB guns, a pellet gun, a .22 caliber rifle, bows and arrows. He shoots in their backyard, police records show.

The officer observed several guns on the property and spoke to the boy, who admitted shooting the .22 that evening, while showing the officer where the ammunition to the rifle was hidden behind the living room couch on the floor, police said.

Police said the child’s mother told the responding officer she didn’t know anything about guns and doesn’t take any other precautions to keep her son from them. According to reports, the woman, 47, said it’s common for no adults to be outside while her child is shooting them.

Police issued the mother a citation for making child arms accessible to a child, a class C misdemeanor.

The .22 was seized to be placed into evidence, and Child Protective Services was notified about the negligence of the parent, police say.


Other reports

14700 block of Warbler Lane — Sheriff officials responded to a theft Monday afternoon. According to reports, someone took nearly $3,000 in jewelry from a jewelry box inside their master bedroom closet.

2000 block of Long Tail Trail — Deputies responded to a burglary of a building Monday morning. Someone damaged the sheet metal to gain entry into a barn before damaging the center console of a Jeep inside, officials said. The damage is valued at $400, according to reports.

7400 block of South U.S. Highway 77, Cross Roads — More than $1,000 worth of office equipment was reportedly taken from an office early Monday morning. Sheriff officials said at 7:51 a.m. Monday, someone reported $1,062 worth of laptop computers missing from an office in the area.



From 7 a.m. Monday to 7 a.m Tuesday:

Denton County sheriff’s dispatchers handled 764 service and officer-initiated calls for the agencies they serve. Thirty-six people were booked into Denton County Jail.

Denton police handled 277 service and officer-initiated calls and posted 25 reports online.

Denton firefighters responded to 28 medical calls, one bomb scare-no bomb, one unauthorized burn, three vehicle accidents, two public service calls and assisted two agencies.

Argyle firefighters responded to one medical call, one traffic transport incident and assisted one citizen. Argyle police responded to one suspicious person call, nine traffic calls and one animal complaint.

Aubrey firefighters responded to two fires. Aubrey police responded to one burglary, three traffic calls and one criminal trespass in progress.

Bartonville police responded to one traffic call and one traffic transport incident.

Carrollton police responded to 112 incidents and processed 185 people in the city jail from Thursday, May 27 to Tuesday.

Corinth police assisted one agency, one motorist and responded to three disturbance calls, one fight, one harassment report, one narcotics call, one medical call, two reckless drivers, three suspicious activity calls, 20 traffic calls and one traffic transport incident.

Double Oak firefighters responded to one medical call. Double Oak police assisted two agencies and responded to one vehicle complaint and 10 traffic calls.

Hickory Creek police assisted three agencies and responded to one odor investigation, one road block, seven traffic calls and two traffic transport incidents.

Justin firefighters responded to one assault/sexual assault, one grass fire and one medical call. Justin police responded to one grass fire and assisted one motorist.

Krum firefighters responded to one vehicle fire and one medical call. Krum police responded to one vehicle fire, one harassment report, one loose livestock call, one suspicious vehicle, nine traffic calls and one animal complaints.

Krugerville police responded to one animal complaint and one criminal trespass.

Lake Cities responded to five medical calls, one odor investigation and one water main break.

Little Elm firefighters responded to one alarm fire, one traffic transport incident and three medical calls. Little Elm police responded to one assault, one Child Protective Services referral, one criminal trespass, two domestic disturbance calls, one narcotics call, one reckless driver, three suspicious activity calls, two welfare concerns, two animal complaints, nine traffic calls and two traffic transport incidents.

Lewisville police department made 14 arrests.

Oak Point police responded to one ordinance violation, one road block, one suspicious vehicle, one theft and 20 traffic calls.

Ponder firefighters responded to one grass fire. Ponder police response to two traffic calls.

Pilot Point police responded to one criminal trespass call, one suspicious activity call, one theft report, two traffic calls and one traffic accident.

Roanoke firefighters responded to one structure fire.

Sanger police responded to two disturbance calls, one loose livestock call, one theft, 10 traffic calls, one traffic accident and two animal complaints.

Trophy Club firefighters responded to one down power line, one structure fire, one water main break. Trophy Club police officers responded to one burglary, one down power line, one Child Protective Services referral, one disturbance call, one structure fire, one harassment report, 10 traffic calls, one traffic accident and one animal complaint.

— Megan Gray