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NCTC and UNT presidents sign new transfer agreement

Profile image for By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer
By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer

As part of a new agreement between North Central Texas College and the University of North Texas, NCTC honors students will be able to transfer to the UNT honors program, effective immediately.

On Thursday, NCTC President Eddie Hadlock and UNT President Lane Rawlins signed a memorandum of understanding to create a new transfer partnership agreement between the schools.

“This is a working document to facilitate the transfer of our students to the University of North Texas, a seamless transfer,” Hadlock said.

In addition to the updates with honors students, technical degrees from NCTC will transfer into the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences programs.

Hadlock said he was most excited by a portion of the agreement that allows for reverse transferring, where students can now retroactively receive their associate degrees from NCTC, even if they transferred before completing the necessary coursework at NCTC.

The agreement also enhances the existing Eagle Bound Program, which provides access to additional services at UNT before the student transfers. The program will now encourage freshmen at NCTC to apply for the program, which allows students to attend UNT events and access the libraries.

These efforts will especially help students who enroll at NCTC and know they want to eventually transfer to UNT, Rawlins said. He also emphasized that the relationship with NCTC is important to the university, since a large portion of the transfer population comes from NCTC campuses.

“We’ve always had a strong relationship, but I think it needed to be renewed and re-examined,” he said. “I think we’re stepping it up to make it easier for students to transfer. ... Hopefully this will encourage even more students to pursue four-year degrees.”

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