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Blotter: Report: Man arrested after trying to make off with beer

A man allegedly tried to steal three 18-packs of 12-ounce beers then threatened to harm a loss prevention employee Sunday night, according to a police report.

The robbery was reported in the 1500 block of Loop 288. According to the police report, the store employee watched the suspect enter the store and put the cases in his basket. The suspect then walked past all the checkout stations and left the building.

The employee told police that when he attempted to stop the suspect, the man threatened to punch him in the face if he didn’t get out of the way, according to the report.

The employee stepped aside and the suspect dashed to his car, leaving the beer behind. The employee recorded a description of the man’s vehicle and license plate.

Officers located the vehicle and the suspect was arrested and charged with robbery, according to the report.


Other reports

1700 block of Oak Tree Drive — A woman told police that she believes an angry ex-boyfriend damaged another man’s vehicle Sunday morning, according to a police report.

The woman and another man woke up early that morning to find that the man’s Dodge Durango had been damaged by a rock.

The woman told police that her ex-boyfriend is behind the damages, according to the report.

Officers had not made contact with the ex-boyfriend by the time the report was filed.

The case is still pending, according to the report.

900 block of Sunset Street A woman reported that her purse was stolen early Sunday morning, but she used technology to track its location, according to a police report.

The woman used a program to track her phone, which was in the stolen purse. The program led her to her purse and the woman found some of the stolen items.

No arrests were made and no suspects had been identified, according to the police report.



From 7 a.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Monday:

Denton County sheriff’s dispatchers handled 2,147 service and officer-initiated calls for the agencies they serve. A total of 112 people were booked into Denton County Jail.

Denton police handled 721 service and officer-initiated calls and posted 69 reports online.

Denton firefighters responded to 41 medical calls, four vehicle accidents and two unauthorized burns.

Argyle firefighters responded to one fire alarm, one intoxicated person and two medical calls. Argyle police responded to 46 traffic calls, one suspicious vehicle and three requests to assist a motorist.

Aubrey firefighters responded to one disturbance, one reckless driver, 67 traffic calls and one warrant investigation.

Bartonville police responded to 16 traffic incident calls and three agency assist calls.

Corinth police responded to 410 calls including four motorist assists, three noise complaints, three criminal mischief reports, 39 traffic calls, three theft reports and 86 special patrols.

Double Oak firefighters responded to one medical call and one traffic incident. Double Oak police responded to one intoxicated person and 19 traffic calls.

Hickory Creek police responded to 66 calls, including two motorist assists, one reckless driver, 55 traffic calls, three welfare calls and four road blockage hazards.

Justin firefighters responded to two vehicle unlocks, one traffic incident and two medical calls.

Krum firefighters responded to four medical calls, one fall, one grass fire, two structure fires and two traffic incidents. Krum police responded one burglary report, one structure fire, one theft of gasoline, 29 traffic incidents and one welfare concern call.

Krugerville police responded to five agency assists, two assaults, one burglary report and five traffic incidents.

Lake Cities firefighters responded to two assaults, three hazardous materials incidents, 14 medical calls, one overdose, one illegal burn and three falls.

Little Elm firefighters responded to three assaults, five medical calls, one fall and one vehicle unlock. Little Elm police responded to three assaults, two criminal mischief incidents, one fall, one forgery, one indecent exposure, one intoxicated person, four ordinance violations and narcotics calls.

Oak Point firefighters responded to four medical calls and one domestic disturbance. Oak Point police responded to 12 traffic calls, one theft report, one missing person, one motorist assist, one disturbance, two domestic incidents and three suspicious activity calls.

Ponder firefighters responded to four medical calls, one structure fire and one vehicle unlock. Ponder police responded to one medical call, five traffic incidents and seven close patrols.

Pilot Point firefighters responded to two assaults, eight medical calls, one fall, one controlled burn and one grass fire. Pilot Point police responded to one disturbance, three fights, one loose livestock call, one request to assist a motorist, seven ordinance violations, two reckless drivers and nine traffic incidents.

Sanger firefighters responded nine medical calls, one assault, three traffic incidents and one water main break. Sanger police responded to four agency assist calls, one intoxicated person, two loose livestock calls, one motorist assist, one theft report, four traffic calls and four welfare concerns.

— John D. Harden