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Krum Fire Department awarded grant

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

KRUM — The Krum Fire Department received a $25,000 grant this week from the CoServ Charitable Foundation.

This is the fifth grant the fire department has been awarded this year from a charitable organization, increasing its total grant amounts to nearly $35,000.

Krum Fire Chief Ken Swindle said his department plans to use the grants to buy equipment that will be used to help ensure the safety of firefighters and people in need.

“This puts us on a whole new level,” he said. “This will allow us to buy the equipment we need to do our jobs more efficiently.”

The equipment Swindle said he wants to purchase includes a vehicle stabilizer, which is a device that keeps unstable vehicles steady to assist firefighters in life-saving rescues.

Other purchases will include a set of hydraulic rescue tools, which can be used to cut through and open vehicles that are damaged by accidents.

Currently, the department firefighters use equipment that was handed down to them from the county.

Swindle said he isn’t sure how old the equipment was when it was donated, but he said they have obvious signs of wear.

“We’re grateful for all the help we received, but having brand new equipment means that there’s a smaller chance of the equipment failing on us,” he said.

Swindle said his department regularly responds to accidents on the various highways that surround the city.

“Some of the worst accidents we see happen on those roads and when those happen, every minute counts,” he said.

CoServ representative Dennis Engelke said helping first responders is a priority for the foundation.

He said the funds for the grant are a combination of donations and employee contributions that go toward worthy causes.

“We’re proud to present this check to the city’s fire department,” Engelke said. “I know they’ll put it to good use.”

Swindle said it’s his goal to make sure his department and firefighters have the proper equipment they need to do their jobs.

“I have a great, amazing group of guys working for me, and this equipment will make them better,” he said.

In recent weeks, Swindle also discussed the need for a new fire station for his department.

Officials said the current fire station is more than 40 years old and Swindle said the building does not have any room for expansion.

Krum residents during the May election voted down a proposal for the issuance of tax bonds that would have been used to pay for the $2.2 million building.

City Council members agreed to place the item back on the ballot in November for residents to vote again. Many council members said they blame misinformation and residents not knowing the issue fully before voting.

Council members plan on considering calling for a November election this month.

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