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Wallace Lynch

Lynn Sheffield Simmons: Officers remind drivers about students’ safety

School will be beginning soon and Argyle police Capt. Temple Cottle asks residents to help keep children safe by following two important rules.

“Don’t use your cellphone in a school zone,” Cottle said. “Studies have shown the dangers of distracted drivers in a school zone and Texas law prohibits using wireless communication devices. That includes talking, texting and Web browsing while operating a motor vehicle within a school zone.”

His second rule is to stop for school buses that display flashing red signals or a stop sign.

“Every year there are near-accidents by vehicles passing school buses with flashing red lights while children are getting on and off the school bus,” he said. “It is important to remember that vehicles must stop when buses going in either direction are flashing their red signal lights.”

Getting ready for school

“This is going to be a great year for AISD. All four campuses are busy getting ready for the 2013-2014 school year,” said Telena Wright, Argyle school district superintendent.

This year the campuses will remain the same — pre-kindergarten through fourth grades at Hilltop Elementary School; fifth and sixth grades at Argyle Intermediate School; seventh and eighth grades at Argyle Middle School; and ninth through 12th grades at Argyle High School.

Argyle High won the Lone Star Cup for the fourth time, making it the third time in five years.

This year Argyle High athletic trainer Ray Pool will teach a new health science class. New teachers have reported to their campuses, the full staff returns Monday and students begin school Aug. 26.

Texas House Bill 5 overhauls graduation requirements, assessment and school accountability ratings. The bill reduces end-of-course exams required for graduation, provides multiple pathways to graduation through endorsement plans in which students may take classes that are more relevant to their chosen career paths, and establishes an A to F accountability system.

The bill establishes a 22-credit foundation degree plan that calls for four English, three math, three science, three social studies, two foreign language, one physical education, one fine arts and five elective credits.

It also creates graduation endorsements in science, technology, engineering and math; public services, business and industry; multidisciplinary studies; and arts and humanities.

The bill reduces end-of-course exams required for graduation from 15 to five. These are English I and II, Algebra I, biology and U.S. history. The accountability system will be changed to an A to F system in 2016-17.

‘Ghoughpteighbteau’ spells ‘potato’

Students are confronted with words in our English language that are confusing enough without running across words whose spelling and pronunciation make no sense at all.

To show the inconsistency of the spelling and how one word is pronounced, George Bernard Shaw created this spelling of “potato”:

P — as in hiccough

O — as in though

T — as in ptomaine

A — as in neigh

T — as in debt

O — as in bureau

Lions Club to meet

The Argyle Lions Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Town Hall, 308 Denton St.

Back-to-school event

Butcher-paper tablecloths with tic-tac-toe squares, books and hamburgers and hot dogs are part of a seniors back-to-school luncheon. Cooking and food will be provided by the Argyle Police Department at noon Friday in the Town Hall community room. Everyone is asked to bring a side dish. For more information, call Stella McDaniel at 940-464-7438.

LYNN SHEFFIELD SIMMONS is founder and past president of the North Texas Book Festival Inc. She is the author of nine children’s books and two history books on Argyle. She can be reached at or 940-464-3368.