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Police investigate incident allegations

Plano police are investigating an alleged incident that occurred during a Denton Parks and Recreation field trip this week.

Lindsey Baker, spokeswoman for the city of Denton, said 52 children ages 6-11 attended a field trip to Amazing Jake’s at Collin Creek Mall in Plano on Tuesday from 10:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. as part of a summer camp held at McMath Middle School.

Amazing Jake’s is an indoor pizza buffet with rides and games for children.

During the trip, allegations were made that one of the employees of the restaurant inappropriately touched some of the children.

Baker said four city employees went along to supervise during the trip.

“All parents were notified after the trip ended,” Baker said.

Michelle Branham, official spokeswoman for Amazing Jake’s, said the employee — who is also a minor — was placed on suspension until the investigation is complete per company policy.

“A parent came to us and reported the alleged incident and we immediately reported to police,” Branham said.

David Tilley, a spokesman for Plano police, said a sex crimes detective was assigned to the case since it involved allegations of inappropriate touching.

He said the case is still under investigation.

“We met with a detective today [Thursday] and went over the surveillance footage with him and feel very confident nothing inappropriate occurred,” Branham said.

Branham said the first and foremost concern is the safety of the guests and they will continue to aide in the investigation as needed.

— Megan Gray