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Investigation of death continues

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By Megan Gray

An investigation is still underway to determine who is ultimately responsible for the death of a Denton County resident, officials said.

Artegus Konyale Madden, 34, was found dead at her home in Savannah Estates, a community-style development off U.S. Highway 380, during the Labor Day weekend.

Since then, investigators have been busy investigating the cause of her death that Sgt. Larry Kish believes happened sometime late Friday, Aug. 30, or early Saturday, Aug. 31.

“We have been working on many follow-up interviews with people who have been an acquaintance of hers,” he said.

Madden, Kish said, was transgendered and lived her life as a woman. This, Kish said, had to be determined before he could officially announce her true identity.

While the exact cause of her death can’t be released pending investigation, Kish said they are investigating Madden’s death as a homicide.

Kish said Madden was found by some friends inside her home on Hayden Lane after 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 1.

Shortly after investigators arrived, Kish said they discovered she had suffered severe traumatic injuries leading up to her death.

“You could tell she suffered severe trauma and blunt force blows,” Kish said.

No charges have been filed in connection with the investigation, which is ongoing, officials said.

Investigators urge anyone with information in relation to the incident, or who are friends of Madden’s, to contact Kish at 940-349-1665.

“We would love to speak to anyone who might know something about her,” Kish said.

A celebration of life ceremony was held for Madden on Saturday, Sept. 7, in her hometown of Longview.