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Montague County grand jury delays action in shooting death of Guyer student Nathan Maki

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By Megan Gray/ Staff Writer

After more than a three hour wait, a grand jury at the Montague County Courthouse placed Michael Bryce Underwood’s case on hold until they meet again Oct. 14.

Underwood, the person officials say accidentally shot Guyer High School student Nathan Maki, 18, is being considered for possible charges in connection with Maki’s death.

Due to a larger case load in the 97th District Court and being short on jury members, the case was placed on hold, said Paige Williams, district attorney for Archer, Clay and Montague counties.

“The foreman decided he didn’t want to go on in this case without a full jury and we only have 9 of 12 members,” she said.

Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham said Underwood accidentally shot Maki with a rifle during a Labor Day weekend camp out with some friends at Underwood’s family-owned property.

Cunningham said the group of friends - including two other 18-year-old women - were awaiting the opening of dove hunting season to begin on the property on Mueller Road, two miles off the Wells Service Road.

Underwood was arrested at the time of the incident, officials said, for minor in possession of alcohol. He has since posted bail.

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