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TWU parking lot project a bit behind schedule

Profile image for By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer
By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer

The newest parking lot at Texas Woman’s University is expected to open by the end of the month, more than a month after its estimated completion date.

University officials now hope the parking lot will be accessible to students, faculty and staff by Friday after running into several issues during the construction process, said Brenda Floyd, vice president of finance and administration.

The largest issue was when crews discovered a gas line under the property at the corner of Frame and Pirtle streets, which delayed the project “a couple of weeks, if not more,” Floyd said. In addition, there was a delay in getting the bumper stops as well as rain delays.

“It’s just what you would expect to happen, really,” Floyd said.

During the process, university officials also worked with the city to discuss putting in sidewalks along the parking lot, but that was decided against because of time restrictions, Floyd said.

In a Faculty Senate meeting Sept. 13, professor Ludovic Sourdot brought up concerns about the incomplete lot, saying he went to park in the lot this semester only to find it was not complete.

After the meeting, Sourdot did not want to comment on the parking lot.

Floyd said the university sent out additional information at the beginning of the school year saying the parking lot was coming soon, but did not put an absolute date on the project.

“We hoped it would be ready at the beginning of the year,” Floyd said. “But even now, the communication will be put out when it is open.”

The initial press release, posted online July 26, says the parking lot would open on Aug. 26, the first day of fall classes. No further information on the project has been posted to the homepage.

Once the parking lot is ready, Floyd said the university will send an e-mail to the community, post information on social media and update the TWU website.

Even with the delays, the project itself remains unchanged and will not go over the budgeted cost of $186,138, Floyd said.

The project, which is being completed by Nouveau Construction and Technology Services in Carrollton, adds 98 parking spaces in a gravel lot, lighting and an emergency phone kiosk.

The lot will be temporary, Floyd said in previous interviews, as the university master plan incorporates a parking garage that is not yet underway.

The incomplete lot has not put too much of a strain on current resources this semester, Floyd said, and even without the lot open, there is available parking.

“There’s always a beginning of a semester parking crunch if you will, and that’s leveled out now,” she said. “It did so about two weeks into the semester as it always does, and now you can find somewhere to park at any time, really.”

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