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City airport gains new businesses

Profile image for By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer
By Jenna Duncan / Staff Writer

Denton Enterprise Airport is seeing recent changes, including new ownership of an existing aircraft maintenance company and the addition of a general aviation corporate transportation service.

Greenpoint Aerospace Corp. took over Jet Works Air Center LLC’s lease at the airport after Jet Works filed for bankruptcy in December, and Greenpoint is already operating out of the 4.4-acre space.

The lease was transferred to Greenpoint last month and approved by the Denton City Council on Oct. 1, with the transaction closing on Oct. 3.

The move benefits the airport as Greenpoint is retaining Jet Works’ employees and is a stable company, said Quentin Hix, director of aviation for the airport.

“On the surface, nothing changes, but there’s more business activity now,” he said. “Another really good thing about them coming is it directly saved about 75 jobs, due to the maintenance activity that Jet Works had going on, and it has the potential to easily double that employment or expand.”

Greenpoint works on the interiors of Boeing business jets, which tend to be larger aircraft, Hix said. This means the planes will need more fuel, which will help the airport, he said.

“This is a great addition as a tenant to the airport,” Hix said. “Greenpoint is a national contractor to Boeing that does custom interiors for business jets, and we expect to see more of those coming soon for these services.”

According to documents submitted to the City Council, the bankruptcy court handling Jet Works’ case approved the sale of all assets to Greenpoint, which includes two aircraft service hangars and office and work spaces at Denton Enterprise Airport.

Greenpoint officials are not yet speaking about the deal, said Christine Hadley, the company’s manager of sales and marketing, but the facility is open and transitioning now while making plans for the future.

“The long-term goals include the strengths and capabilities of the team and will expand into additional services our business jet customers require,” Hadley said in an e-mail.

In a copy of the lease agreement, Greenpoint officials agreed to assume the lease, as well as accept the property in its current condition, and pay a $500 transfer fee.

Greenpoint also owns Odyssey Aerospace, which produces components for customizing aircraft interiors, on Shelby Lane in Denton.

This week another lease at the airport was announced, with Haverfield Aviation adding a regional base at the airport, according to a news release from the company. The general aviation corporate transportation service will lease space from Business Air Management, Hix said.

In other news at the airport, Hix said to expect a formal offer on the grant to construct a parallel runway on the west side of the airport, and there are talks to solicit an operator for an onsite restaurant.

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