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Sanger enters partnership on project

Profile image for By John D. Harden / Staff Writer
By John D. Harden / Staff Writer

SANGER — City Council members have agreed to enter into a partnership with Denton County to begin a $3.2 million project to design and conduct drainage and paving improvements to McReynolds Road from FM2164 to South Jones Street in east Sanger.

The agreement is pending the county’s final approval, and Sanger officials hope to begin construction next summer.

According to the agreement, the county will contribute about $2.9 million toward the project and Sanger will add the remaining $300,000 using the city’s general funds.

“We normally enter into agreements with the county for about one or two road projects a year,” City Manager Mike Brice said. “This is the only one this year because it’s so big and it will use all of the money we will have budgeted.”

The city hopes to begin construction next summer, but Brice said the planning process takes place much sooner.

“The next step is to hire an engineer,” he said. “That item will probably be presented to the council in the first week of November.”

Brice said that after an engineer is hired, the city will begin the design process and then begin seeking bids, which is a 90-day process.

“We hope to have everything in place so that we’re ready before summer,” Brice said.

Denton County regularly assists area cities and towns with road improvement projects throughout the year.

According to the agreement, the county expresses that it shares a mutual goal to “facilitate safe travel on improved roadways” and to complete the project in a timely fashion with local municipalities.

When the city began shaping its budget, officials said that they wanted to focus more funding on street rehabilitation.

And starting this year, Sanger will focus the equivalent of 8 cents of the property tax each year toward rehabilitating existing streets.

Officials have said capital projects will be quite extensive during the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Other projects will include construction of a Belz Road extension, extension of water and sewer lines along the east and west sides of Interstate 35, construction of a splash park, and extension of sidewalks along Keaton Road.

Earlier this year, Sanger officials identified major improvements that the city must complete to improve infrastructure. City officials said most of the needed improvements are in the older parts of Sanger.

Some of the costliest items included road repairs and the addition of a new water well.

In the next decade, Brice said, the city must rebuild more than a dozen miles of roadway, replace or add more than 27,000 feet of water lines, and replace or add more than 27,000 feet of sewer lines.

To fund the projects, the city issued about $4 million in debt using certificates of obligation.

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