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Storm near Sanger produces landspout

Denton County residents caught quite a sight Saturday afternoon when a surprise landspout tornado touched down just east of Sanger.

Around 2:30 p.m., the landspout tornado was reported about eight miles east of Sanger. Steve Fano of the National Weather Service in Fort Worth said these types of tornados are not unprecedented, but are usually very brief and cause little to no damage. However, a passerby took photos of storm debris Saturday, including the downed wooden frame of a house being built.

While surprising, a landspout is an indicator of a cold front moving through the area.

“When a storm forms on a cold front or dry line, and if the conditions are just right, sometimes you’ll get a spin up or it forms a whirl or a funnel,” Fano said.

Fano said rain chances will increase today, but there is less of a chance that any will be severe.

Despite the rain expected this weekend, it won’t feel more like fall until Tuesday.

“This part of the cold front is weak,” Fano said. “So temperatures really won’t be much cooler [today]. We’re looking at 83 degrees for a high and kind of humid.”

Monday is expected to be in the low 80s and humid, but Tuesday should feel cooler.

“It doesn’t look like the cold push of air comes through until Tuesday,” Fano said. “Then it will feel like fall.”

— The Dallas Morning News