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Blotter: Group of four robbed of phones by gunman

An armed man robbed four people early Saturday morning in the 1500 block of Meadow Street, according to a police report.

According to the report, the victims told police that a man approached them while carrying a semi-automatic pistol.

The man pointed the gun at the victims and ordered them to drop their phones, according to the report.

The man took the phones and fled the area on foot, the report stated.

Other reports

1300 block of Auburn Drive — A man told police that he had a silent standoff with two men — one allegedly armed with a handgun — who knocked on his front door late Saturday night, according to a police report.

The caller, who lives in the 1300 block of Auburn Drive, said he carried a baseball bat with him to see who was at the door. When he opened the door, the man told police, he saw the two men outside.

The caller told officers that the two men looked him up and down, noticed that he was holding the bat, and left the scene without saying a word, the report stated.

Officers were dispatched to the scene to look for the two men but did not find them, according to the police report.

1405 block of Sandy Creek Drive — An officer was dispatched to a home in reference to a disturbance between roommates, according to a police report.

The officer made contact with the roommates, one male and one female, who admitted to being upset at each other, the report stated.

The woman told police that she was upset and had broken several pieces of furniture after arguing with her roommate. The officer also spoke with the man and noticed a spot of blood on his nose.

According to the police report, he told police that his roommate hit him in the face. He told police that he did not need any medical attention.

The case is still pending, but no arrests had been made at the time the report was filed, according to the police report.

— John D. Harden