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Shelby DuPont

Freshman balances multiple roles

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By Shelby DuPont

With a full plate, a big heart and a fearless attitude going into his first year of high school, freshman Eric Borst shatters gender barriers without hesitation.

He does this by caring for his younger sisters and taking dance and theater with his head held high.

“I’ve always liked acting, and I want to be in at least one play this year,” Borst said. “I took dance because I thought it’d be really fun to learn what all your body can do.”

Borst, whose primary career goal is to play football, is on the freshman A team this year. He does everything he can day in and day out to accomplish that.

“It would be cool to play college football,” Borst said. “Maybe, if football doesn’t work out, I could get my doctorate degree and become a doctor or lawyer.”

There is one thing that means more to Borst than football; his family. Borst who is the only boy in the family, cooks for them often because he also takes cooking classes outside of school.

“I have five sisters; I’m the only boy,” Borst said. “Four are younger and one moved out. Every time I cook something, they always want some. If they don’t like it because it’s like a more mature taste, they get really mad at me, so that’s kind of fun.”

Borst’s sisters love him just as much. They try to spend time with him often, but with such a busy schedule sometimes it can be difficult.

“My sisters heard about me taking dance and theater,” Borst said. “Now they put on fashion shows and tea parties for me and stuff, and they make my friends and me judges.”

One thing that will always be the case is no boy will ever be good enough for his sisters.

SHELBY DUPONT is a sophomore at Denton High School and a participant in the Denton Record-Chronicle’s “Speak Out Loud” program for student journalists.